Established in 1996 Danışman Group, rank as one of the most important groups in the region thanks to it’s prospering past and moves with a vision of leading in service industry.Group, carries on bussiness in the field of mining, construction, transport,plant-mixed concrete, asphalt production.

Danışmangroup; as a part of improving and growing intellection,structure the facilities of aggregates asphalt production, coal mines, work machines and transporting vehicles.

Danışman group, represent a high brand quality and dynamic human resources under favor of 3 companies, more than 50 technical stuff who are experts in their fields and more than 700 workers, Danışmangroup, aims to scale up the the worth of the brands not only in their field but also in the market of TURKEY. Group, reveals the vision of being a leader in the construction trade.

Danışmangroup, as a mision, adopts a management system that is hümanist and based on productivity.This approach, blends with not only financial gain but also with the consciousness of citizenship that have been benefitted and will be benefitted. Grup, determines the social projects in education, enviroment, culture-art and sport in with the very same consciousness.

Danışmangrup, represents the projects with customer satisfaction and trust principles.. As a result , creating respecfull brands in the field, the synergy that is provided to the other big brand in mining, building, and plant-mixed concrete. Danışmangrup, as a result of all these saving and and cooperations, has the aim and passion of being one of the chaning leading company with keeping up all the last improvements of the field.

In modern days, the big companies has big responsibility in improving the welfare of the society, maintaining the sustainable enviroment economically, socially as much as individuals. Danışmangrup, aim to increase it’s worth with working with consciousness of Corporation, and spreading this perspective to the productions and the work enviroment

As much as the direct contribution to economic development, Danışmangrup, contributes to employment also. Danışmangrup,inteds to meet all the expectations at the highest level all the active fields, considering the expectations of the business assosiates,and with understanding the importance of mutual dialogs and feedbacks.,. Withing these business assosiates the priorty belongs to the stuff of Group. Danışmangrup, believes that the real investigation lies in human resouces. For that reason, with the aspect of ‘First Hıman’ Danısmangroup, transfers the aim of 0 business accident vision to all the workers of the company.

Danısmangroup, with the conciousness of global warming and the wasting sources and the World faces, reviews and renews, the way the company works, to be able to reduce the negative impact to the enviroment. With the enviromental priority of energy efficiency and management of water and waste Energy Danışmangrup,as a resposible company, endeavores to expand the awareness the it’s associates.

As Danışmangrup we carry on the path on confidently with the conciousness of all the designated targets